The Donnington Estate

SIR RICHARD ABBERBURY endowed the Trust with the Manor of Iffley and other lands within the City of Oxford, the Trust has held land and property there ever since. The trust's current chairman is Willie Hartley Russell.

Today the Donnington Estate comprises of approximately 100 residential properties, all of which are available to let. The Trust has also built up its portfolio of commercial properties over recent years. The Trust owns a diverse range of commercial property in Oxford and Newbury including a major office block, a High Street bank, a cinema, a garage, two hotels/pubs, a shop.

Bradfield FarmhouseWootensHartley House

The Trust remains a major land owner in Oxford. The Trust owns four farms in West Berkshire which adjoin the Bucklebury Estate.

In 2015 the Trust acquired The Cragg Estate in Northumberland, a 1000 acre agricultural estate.

Donnington Castle

Donnington castle is a ruined mediaeval castle situated north of the town of Newbury in Berkshire. It should not be confused with the village of Castle Donnington in Leicestershire.

Richard II granted a licence for Sir Richard Adderbury to build the castle in 1386. It then passed into the hands of Thomas Chaucer and eventually the royal family. During the civil war in 1644, the second battle of Newbury was fought around the castle and after an 18 month siege the garrison surrendered.

In 1646, Parliament voted to demolish the castle and today all that is left standing is the four towered gatehouse and the surrounding earthworks.

Commercial Property on the Donnington Estate

West Mills
Tree Hotel
Bridge Street