Donnington Hospital, Berkshire

DONNINGTON HOSPITAL IN DONNINGTON is the Trust's original foundation and where Sir Richard Abberbury built his almshouses for " thirteen poor men" of whom one should be the Governor or "Minister". The Hospital was strategically positioned opposite the Priory of the Crouched Friars at Donnington. Sir Richard set out that the "Brethren" "shall every day heare Masse among the ffreers and every day say fitly paternosters and fifty aves....." The Hospital was rebuilt in the early seventeenth century and was re-modelled in the 1980's. It now provides homes for 9 single men.

Quadrangle at Donnington
Main Garden
View of Garden Bridge
List of Ministers of the Hospital
The Gardens
View from the Main Road
Rear View of Donnington Hospital
Family Room in the Trust Office
Old Stable Yard
Entrance to Bridge House
Arms of Queen Elizabeth I
Front Porch